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    Goblin Child was created and named by Amber, a former little girl who had a little curl. Its management is shared with Kirsty, who has always been unremittingly good.

    Goblin Child features blog posts on a variety of subjects, including but not limited to pregnancy, same-sex parenting, photography, knitting, twins, minimalist living and the busy but fulfilling life of Posy, the four-legged firstborn.

Tootsa Macginty Sample Sale – Amber

Oh, Tootsa Macginty.  How I love thee.

No, seriously, you guys.  I do.  And only fractionally less than I love Kirsty, the boys and the dog.

I have Chloe from Sorry About the Mess to thank for this new-found romance – it would probably have taken me a wee while longer to discover this adorable, locally-based brand.  And I would certainly have missed the sample sale from which I have just returned had she not tweeted about it.  So thanks, Chloe!  (Although admittedly, my bank balance is not quite so happy with you as I am.  Silly, fussy bank balance.)

Having never been to a sample sale before, I had only the vaguest idea in my mind of what one might be like.  This one, I’m happy to say, was vastly friendlier than I thought it would be.  Less tussling over tiny clothing and a lot more cooperation and chatting.  I did nearly trip over a toddler or two but as I can no longer see my own feet, I thought that fairly understandable (and the parents took it well!).  And it was so fun.  So incredibly fun.  I’ll admit that I love shopping anyway, but surely even the most shopping-adverse person would be able to find some joy in acquiring seriously adorable styles at bargain prices.

Despite the fact that it was a clearance sale, I found that there was plenty of variety in sizing.  That said, I suppose that the advantage of having unborn babies to shop for is that I could afford to take any size, season-depending.  Although I did get a few baby items, most of what I bought is actually for toddlers – including their Christmas jumpers for next year!  There was one hairy moment where I was forced by lack of smaller sizes to buy a jumper aged 5-6 years (yes, forced, I tell you) but I plan to put it on one of my eventual three-year-olds and just roll up the sleeves.

I feel that the ladies helping out deserve a special mention.  They were so helpful and friendly, and as one of them is a fraternal twin, she spent some time telling me all about her experience growing up as one.  Another sweetheart walked past me outside the town hall and made a point of waving ‘goodbye’.

Best of all, I managed to swing a wardrobe that the ladies estimated was worth £500 for only £150!  It feels like my birthday.  No, really.

I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for sample sales in the future, although I’m not sure that this one will ever be topped.

Here are but a few of my new acquisitions from today.  In the absence of sprog models, Posy kindly agreed to step in and show off some of the jumpers.  Hm – I wonder whether Tootsa Macginty have ever considered expanding their range to fit dogs..



September 28, 2014 - 9:37 am

Chloe (Sorry About The Mess) - Glad it was such a worthwhile trip – it’s like a dream come true for children’s clothing fans! I am a big advocate of oversized jumpers with sleeves rolled up : ) Can’t wait for the cute photos of two little toddlers in those red and yellow trousers.

September 28, 2014 - 4:29 pm

Goblin Child - Thanks! I still can’t quite get my head around having humans who will fit into ANY of this… it all looks so small!

September 29, 2014 - 11:26 am

Elizabeth Rebecca - Those outfits are so cute.

Lizzie’s Daily Blog

September 29, 2014 - 8:05 pm

Goblin Child - They’re adorable, aren’t they! I seriously wish that they came in MY size.

Thirty-Three Weeks (and a few days) – Amber

Is time flying or standing still?

I can’t decide.  Some days I’m horrified that I’m thirty-three weeks along already, that I’m gestating babies who look like babies, who are starting to get fat, that in a mere few weeks they’ll be term and we can welcome them properly into our lives.  Other days, it feels as though I’ve been pregnant FOREVER, almost but not quite ready to pop FOREVER, and that I’m going to be hauling myself into work and enduring sympathetic glances FOREVER.  I think it probably depends on how much sleep I’ve managed to get the day before.

The other day, I was thinking to myself about my current insomnia situation and I caught myself thinking that I could hardly wait for the twins to be born so that I could sleep again.  And then I realised what I was thinking and laughed a hollow laugh to myself.

I will sleep again eventually, right?

But overall, one can’t complain.  I’m still feeling reasonably well.  The little ones appear to have dropped a bit and I’m definitely feeling more menstrual-like cramping than previously, but it’s nothing too uncomfortable.  It’s mostly when I walk my mile-long walk to the train station in the mornings, and I can still plod through it.  By the time that I depart from the train thirty minutes later, it’s usually gone.

We had a bit of a scare last week when one of the babies (‘Good Twin’) had only grown three ounces between his fortnightly scans and his umbilical PI had dropped from above to below average, but we saw a consultant and she wasn’t worried.  Apparently he’s just a hobbit like  me.  ‘Naughty Twin’ is still positively enormous and has a full head of hair!  Apparently I came out of the hospital with a bow in my hair, so he is perhaps taking after me in that respect.

So, ticking along.  My mother swears that I’m going to go into labour at any minute but to be honest I’m not feeling it, and given how many horrifying birth stories I’ve read this week about 33-week-gestation preemies, I am exceedingly glad for it.  I’d much rather keep the little sods inside for another three weeks or so to give their little lungs a chance to develop, even if I do need to pee every thirty minutes and keep waking up in the night in order to eat additional meals.

Mostly, I’m just so happy.  This has been my year.  And for the next few weeks, I’m going to slow down and remember this, treasure every moment and commit it to memory so that when I’m old and my granddaughter tells me that she’s expecting, I can tell her all about what it was like when I was carrying her father.  I’ll tell her about the IVF and how it was nowhere near as awful as I had anticipated, how stunned I was when it worked, the way that my jaw dropped when there were two tiny microhumans on the ultrasound.  What it was like to hear the heartbeats of people smaller than my finger.  The first time that they kicked. Listening to Kirsty read them stories.  The birth, I suppose.

If my biggest complaint is that I’m bored of waiting for my gorgeous, perfect twins to be born, then I’m a fortunate woman.  And so thankful for this glorious, marvellous year.

Even when I can’t sleep.


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Top Ten Books – Amber

Generally I’m not one for Facebook challenges but when a friend shared her top ten books that have stayed with her over the years and challenged me to do the same, I couldn’t resist.  It helps that I’ve been feeling nostalgic for these old favourites for a while, without allowing myself to indulge in a re-read whilst I have so many unread tomes on my bookshelves.  But I’ve been thinking that in this final trimester of pregnancy, with both my mental processing skills and my memory rapidly declining, perhaps now is the time to relax, put my feet up and enjoy spending some time with my old friends.

So here are my top ten books, the ones that I have thought about time and again over the past years.

1. I Capture the Castle, Dodie Smith
2. The Little White Horse, Elizabeth Goudge
3. The Dark is Rising, Susan Cooper
4. The Shantih series, Patricia Leitch
5. The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood
6. Possession, A S Byatt
7. The Secret History, Donna Tartt
8. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
9. The Goblin Market, Christina Rossetti (technically a poem rather than a book… but still!)
10. The Dove Keepers, Alice Hoffman

If you had to choose ten books – or series – that have stuck with you over the years, what would they be?  I wonder whether we have any in common.


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Is it Autumn? Because we’re having babies in Autumn – Amber

Is it Autumn?  Because it feels like Autumn.  And I’m not ready for that.

You guys, we’re having babies this Autumn.  Tiny ‘Year of the Horse’ babies.  And now the leaves are orange and scuttling in the wind and I had to wear a jumper this evening, a JUMPER. And I think it may be Autumn.

Today, I’m at 31+4 with the twins.  Mostly I feel fine – enormous and I have to plan my day around the closest bathroom, but fine.  Sleep is a little less comfortable.  Occasionally the boys experience a growth spurt and I find myself doing absurd things like waking up every hour in order to eat multiple breakfasts, but that’s not frequent enough to be a real issue.  And I think that I’ve cracked it by stuffing myself full of protein now anyway.

So if nobody minds, I think I’ll have it still be Summer.  Or at the very least, I want an assurance that these ginormous babies will be content to stay put until 35 weeks at the earliest.  I’m not ready to be a mum to outside-of-womb babies yet!

This was a bit of a spur of the moment photoshoot, totally inspired by the doughnuts that I had picked up at Sainsbury’s this morning.  The colours are so cute.  The one that I shared with the dog was rather delicious too, although I must admit to binning most of them – they’re just more sugary than I’m inclined to eat at the moment.  My own bodyweight in carbs, though?  Bring it on.

Huge thanks as always to the lovely Kirsty for taking over my camera and doing a marvellous job.  It means the world to be able to properly document this experience.

I don’t think that it can be Autumn yet.



September 13, 2014 - 9:23 pm

Rebecca - What beautiful photographs you have you remember this magical experience! Not long to go now, you must be so very excited x

September 14, 2014 - 11:49 am

Goblin Child - Thank you! We really are. Also, absolutely petrified. I’m better with dogs than babies!